Attract your next trophy with this all-in-one scent dispensing tool!

The Scent Wand prevents cross-contamination and gives you full control of how much, when and where scent is laid while on your hunt.

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Control Your Scent

The patented Scent Wand™ delivery system is the first on-demand scent dispensing tool of its kind. With its patented cap and replaceable wick system, hunters of any game are now able to easily and efficiently use scent to lure prey. Not only can you control how much scent is used at a time, but you’re also able to pinpoint the exact locations where you disperse the scent within an expansive 360° five-foot radius.

Note: Latex gloves or your favorite human scent killer sprayed on the Wand prior to use is recommended.

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What Makes It So Unique?

Take a look at what makes Scent Wand the best scent-laying tool for hunters.

Lay Scent, Lure Prey

The Scent Wand is a device that creates unique scent trails and other markings while hunting for specific game. The pump action scent reservoir allows you to control the amount of scent being used. You can also travel long distances without having to stop multiple times to reapply or reload your scent. This allows you to remain stealthy and avoid detection. Its five-foot retractable delivery tube gives you the ability to mark a scent trail 360°, horizontally, vertically and in areas other methods may not allow. The removable cap allows preloading and refilling in seconds, without the traditional mess and waste of valuable scent experienced with other methods. Once activated, the Scent Wand easily dispenses scent in your desired area to create your ideal custom scent trail.

Prevent Cross-Contamination

Of the many issues hunter’s experience when preparing and applying scent, the threat of cross-contamination with human scent is certainly at the top of the list. Nothing is more frustrating than spending time preparing a specific scent, only to accidentally contaminate it during the application process. The Scent Wand allows you to dispense scent onto trees, brush and other elements of the environment, allowing you to mimic deer mating rituals without ever having to step foot near where you want to lay the scent.

Spend More Time Hunting and Expand Your Target

The Scent Wand is designed so that you can efficiently use every drop of scent. And when it comes to hunting, it’s safe to say that your time and money are important! Gone are the days of having to 1 worry about carrying around messy drag rags stored in plastic bags, or having to use multiple scent bombs, wafers or wicks. The all-in-one Scent Wand’s cap and wick system is designed to seamlessly exchange scents or create your own blends for a variety of animals. Additionally, at the end of your scent trail, the Wand hangs from a tree the same way a dripper or scent bomb would! Yes, hunting with scents just got that much easier!

The Inspiration Behind The Scent Wand

Created for hunters, by an experienced hunter. The idea for the Scent Wand came to fruition while the creator, Gabriel D’Arco, an award-winning marksman, was out on a hunt of his own. His inspiration came after integrating years of hunting experience in the field and struggling with the devices commonly used by even the most veteran hunters. He decided there had to be a better, less aggravating  way. Enter, the Scent Wand. With the Scent Wand, Gabriel hopes to help every hunter, whether a novice or veteran, improve his or her game while hunting for game.


The Scent Wand…it makes scents!

The Scent Wand – it really makes scents!

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